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Scalable Setups for Teams of 15–500+

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scalable enterprise office space

At Bond Collective, no request is too large or too small. Need a private executive office? A custom suite for a group of 10 intending to grow? Entire floors dedicated to a few hundred employees? We can do that.

We provide the best custom, white-label solutions for teams of any size or structure. And our flexibility and creativity in working with unique enterprise requirements are unprecedented in the industry.

Custom floor plans, growth schedules, swing spaces, advanced IT, and privacy provisions — we excel at these services and setups and exceed even the highest expectations at providing scalable luxury office offerings for teams of any size and scope.

  • Turnkey Setups
    and Amenities

  • Custom Build-Outs
    and Improvements

  • Shared Assets and
    Conference Rooms

  • Cutting Edge Tech
    Solutions and Support

  • On-Site Cleaning and
    Security Management

  • Guest Reception
    & Greeting


Remote Expansion

Increasing in relevance as the digital economy takes priority, more and more Fortune 500 companies are turning to the remote workforce when assessing their staffing needs and stipulations. Remote employee memberships are developed uniquely for each group that we work with, designed to keep overhead cost low and expand employee accessibility.

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Satellite Teams

The most popular enterprise solutions, our en-suite options for teams of 15-50+ are perfect for satellite teams needing or wanting to be distinct from the HQ. Custom configurations and furnishings make this a far more attractive option than planting more resources into a conventional space. These suites are available for intervals as short as a handful of weeks, up to several years.

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Tectonic Upgrades

Carrying a footprint of over 250,000 square feet in the NYC metro area alone, our locations are becoming flagship priorities for teams as large as 500+. With over half of our inventory now spoken for by enterprise suites and personal floors, we’ve run the gamut of possibilities and setups, and are opt to discussing how we can be a solution for your team moving forward.

Unprecedented Flexibility

The biggest pain point of a conventional enterprise lease is that you’re locked into the contract for years — sometimes decades. Even with the best planning and forecasting, there’s no way to know what your business is going to look like a few years from now.

So why lock yourself into something so long? Enterprise solutions at Bond Collective don’t force you into multi-year terms that can’t be properly planned for. This preserves your flexibility and gives you the opportunity to pivot on a moment’s notice.


All-Inclusive Infrastructure

With enterprise solutions at Bond Collective, you don’t have to spend valuable time worrying about the services your business needs just to be able to work. We provide all-inclusive infrastructure, such as:

  • Security

  • Wiring

  • Furniture

  • Kitchen

  • Office management

  • C-suite

  • Cleaning

  • Maintenance

  • Space management

  • Electrical bills

  • Lightning-fast internet and Wi-Fi

  • Repairs

  • Tech support

We even go the extra mile and provide complimentary beer, coffee, and tea, as well as fresh fruit, weekly warm cookies, and tasty eats and beverages for purchase. That way, your team can focus on the work at hand rather than who’s going to refill the water cooler.

Agile Solutions

Traditional enterprise leases take weeks, even months or more, to put together. At Bond Collective, we can put together an enterprise agreement in a matter of days (at the most) so you don’t have to interrupt your team’s workflow.


"Shouldn't we just get our own space?"

Sure that's always an option, but let's do the math.



Mozilla Firefox

Satellite Expansion Made Easy

Serving as the headquarters for Mozilla Firefox’s New York team, Bond Collective created, in coordination with their executives, a 25+ Person custom suite at our Flatiron facility. Requiring an office that was functional and attractive for both employees and prospective partners, the finished product remained their office throughout their New York tenure, before the team departed back to the West Coast.


Ashfield Healthcare

A Growing Team with Evolving Needs

Building upon the momentum of its recent global expansion, Ashfield Healthcare Communications was seeking to relocate its New York City office to Lower Manhattan’s revived and invigorated Financial District. Ashfield approached Bond Collective on the cusp Bond 60 Broad’s step-up space launch, with the end product hosting their team of 40+, including program Directors and Partners, featuring three executive offices and an autonomous conference room overlooking the Hudson.



A Home Away From Home

Becoming the first “temporary” anchor tenant at Bond Gowanus, Call9 hosted 40+ of Call9’s employees while their buildout in Industry City was being ideated and developed. In what ended up being an almost two year tenure, Call9 shifted from being in an assortment of individual offices, to increasing its footprint into its own custom suite. Having gone through various growth phases, we worked closely with them to make sure their team was properly accounted for, as they raised several rounds of funding and ramped up their hiring.


Ample Hills Creamery

A Neighborhood Anchor Plants Roots

A local favorite and now an established nationwide retailer, Gowanus locals Ample Hills Creamery joined Bond Collective in the early weeks of 2018. Hosting their full executive and creative team, we worked in tandem with their Lead Designer and President to outfit a suite perfect for their requirements. On the backbone of a recent round of funding, the team grew in size comfortably within the space from just the two initial individuals to 20+.


Paramount Pictures

Media Giant Meets Gowanus, Brooklyn.

A notoriously large media conglomerate, we were fortunate to host a writing team from Paramount Pictures through their development cycle in 2017. Tasked with creating an entirely anonymous and private outfitting for a rotating team of 25, the resulting suite encompassed two lounge areas, a private conference room, three attached offices, and a direct street entrance for intensely maintained exclusivity. 

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