• 24-Hour

    Enjoy 24/7 access to your workspace. That means nights, weekends, and holidays.

  • Custom

    Curated offices with individual conference rooms, executive offices, you name it.

  • Conference

    Dedicated, comfortable, technology-equipped rooms ready for when you have that big meeting.

  • Curated

    Panels, workshops, networking, happy hours, and other don’t-miss events.

  • Insanely
    Fast Wifi

    Blazing fast, crazy reliable, and super secure.

  • B/W Printing

    We get people work differently, so go ahead and print that 6th draft (but please recycle 1-5!)

  • Networking

    We take the “work” out of “networking” with special events, regular happy hours, a member directory, and opportunities to effortlessly grow your business.

  • Mail Services

    No more missed delivery slips. Our staff will help you send out and receive mail and packages for all carriers.

  • Pet

    Your four legged colleagues are always welcome at our spaces.

  • Complimentary
    Beer, Coffee, & Tea

    Freshly brewed coffee, artisanal teas and craft beer for work breaks of all types.

  • Daily On-Site

    Our full-time professional janitorial staff help keep the workspace fully stocked and squeaky clean.

  • Exclusive Member

    Special offers and discounts on a variety of products and services, from headshots to massages.

  • 20+ Person
    Conference Rooms

    Have a huge meeting? Our conference rooms are large enough to fit up to 20+ people so you can close that business deal.

  • Mothers'

    Comfortable, private spaces equipped with couches and fridges for nursing mothers - available at every location.

  • Rooftop
    Lounge Area

    Thousands of square feet for you (and your furry friend) to take a breather and stretch your legs in the sun.

  • Bike

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing your ride home is safe and sound.

  • Photo & Sound

    Interested in recording a podcast? Or getting that perfect shot? Gowanus has a sound and photo studio on site & available to all members.

  • Food &

    In addition to daily fresh fruit and weekly warm cookies, tasty eats and beverages are available for purchase at the Bond Market.

  • Complimentary
    Fresh Fruit

    Need a snack or forgot breakfast? Everyday, we prepare a bowl of fresh fruit options.

  • Furnished
    Work Spaces

    Every detail of each location is hand picked by our interior designer, ensuring a clean, comfortable, efficient work environment.

  • Complimentary
    Spa Water

    Each of our locations has complimentary spa water infused with fruits and herds - adding a refreshing twist to your average glass of water.

  • Access to
    Other Locations

    Members receive access to all other Bond Collective locations, including conference rooms and common areas.

  • Guest Reception
    & Greeting

    Guests, friends and family members are greeted and welcomed by our Community Managers at the entryway to each of our locations.

  • Private Meeting
    & Phone Booths

    Perfect for privacy. Think of them as “conference rooms for one or two.”

  • Office

    A new addition, showers are now available for members to utilize any time of day!